This is the fifth and last part of Monteponi rebirth, a photo reportage on the mining site of Monteponi (Sardegna, Italy). Here you find the second and third and fourth parts. What is next, after that through this photo reportage several rear windows were open to observe the courtyard of Monteponi? A book? A photo exhibition? Not enough to preserve this archeological industrial site. Hopefully, a first step to speed up the intervention of the city hall of Iglesias, region Sardegna and regional founds from the European Union (FESR) to preserve this area before it is too late. If you liked the reportage, there is a book online with more picture waiting to be ordered… at support of the photographer too.

_dsc7556-recovered _dsc7513-recovered

Central warehouses (1890) for mining tools and machines. Upper level of the lead foundry (1892)

_dsc7575-recovered _dsc6770-recovered

Electrolysis builduing: entrance to the offices (1925). White zinc complex (1914)

_dsc7559-recovered _dsc6838-recovered

Window of the of the Miner Association “E. Ferrari” (1920). Sulfuric acid complex (1928)

_dsc6773-recovered _dsc7529-recovered

Inside the sulfuric acid complex (1928) and lower level of the lead foundry (1892)

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