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ZÜRCHER/IN: between work and free time

Thanks to all the visitors for the highly positive feedback and support ZÜRCHER/IN got in the last two weeks, from the vernissage to the last day at Photobastei 2.0.

Did you miss ZÜRCHER/IN the exhibition?

Find what was all about in the next three blog posts. ZÜRCHER/IN is a photography project created by ARTBorghi (Lorenzo Borghi and Maria Francesca) on the common people highly over-represented as bronze and granite statues in the city of Zürich, Switzerland. Just a few statues of prominents adorn this Swiss city, which is flooded by commoners mostly relaxing in their free time. A Swiss hymn to power to the people? A wise suggestion to take it easy? A neo-classic time-machine?

In the book, available online, coordinates and maps will additionally help you in this art-quest. Contact the author for fine printing requests.

Werner Friedrich Kunz, Grosse Prometheus (1958) / Karl Geiser, Denkmal der Arbeit (1952)

Franz Fischer, Knabe und Mädchen (1928) / Valentin Walter Mettler, Fischerbrunnen (1909)

Alis Guggenheim, Frau (1928) / Otto Kappeler, Vier sitzende Jüglinge (1929)

Hildi Hess, Weibliche Figur (1957) and Hermann Haller, Mädchen mit erhobenen Armen (1939)

Click each picture to have it full screen.

Posted by lorenzoborghi on July 17, 2018

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