Colorful dresses and graceful silhouettes. In the background the exotic, Caribbean landscapes. A week on Guadeloupe surprises for its cultural diversity and lively ancient traditions. A historic representation of the Indian Ramayana myth welcomed me the day I landed. Brilliant graffiti cover walls and towns of the island. Wild sea shores and vivid sunsets: everything plays life on stage in Gwada.

Players and families in the backstage of the Indian week of culture in Sainte-Anne

Top left: ashes ceremony before Ramayana representation. Top right: the wise men from the mountain. Bottom left: Wedding ceremony. Bottom right: hunting demons

We love Guadeloupe (the Caribbean Butterfly) , graffiti in the town of Sainte-Anne

The cinema theater “La Renaissance” of Pointe-à-Pitre, opened in 1920, now closed

The rocky beach of Anse à Plume

Moving graffiti in Pointe-à-Pitre

Nights fall early in the Caribbeans, 5:30pm in Sainte-Anne

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