Beneath the sea surface a whole world of marine life awaits to be discovered in Naxos. Snorkeling wonders are abundant offshore Aliko Beach, Agios Procopios and Plaka Becah, among the others. Underwater camera like the Olympus Tough series allows to take shots where the sunlight still shines.  This giant Tonna Galea shell, for example, contains a black and white tough snail with a 15 cm large foot.

Trygon pastinaca (Mediterranean ray) are abundant on the sandy sea bottom of Agios Procopios. Despite it might reach 3 meters in length, never met one longer than 50 cm.

Bi-colored worms are common on underwater rocks. Shooting a macro of these animals is not easy: they quickly retract as soon as they feel close movments.  Here you see one of the two worms retracted faster in its tube (top) than the bottom one

Do you see the flatfish? Flatfishes are masters of camouflage, they easily copy the palette of their inhabitat

An octopus in its rock shelter.  The only part of an octopus body that’s solid is its beak, so most octopuses can fit through spaces around a couple of centimeters in diameter!

Last but not least, the Trachinus draco, also known as the spider fish.  ⁠Its venom provokes excruciating pain which can last from a few hours to days. This fish is burrowed in the sand of shallow waters, where bather can easily step on it.

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