Some cliché postcards from Greece. Common places are there, at least for tourists and they smell all good. Here is the small, white and blue, orthodox chapel at the shores of Aliko beach. You can pull the bell rope, too.

Kouroi: there are at least three of these giant, Ancient Greek statues in Naxos. Local marble was sculpted almost to the final product, which could be as long as 10 meters. But then something went wrong: the statue broke during delivery, the commissioner didn’t pay or whatever. They are still there for our astonishment.

Octopus drying in the sun, waiting for vinegar. Octopus is such a beautiful animal, but it is so delicious, too. Hard to say no to it.

Greece is pride, stourdinees, resilience, energy, beauty, history. Greece can fall but it will stand up again on its legs,even without special efforts. At least this is what I thought while watching this murale.

Syntagma square, site to the House of Parliament of Greece, where democracy started (will start?) again?

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