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A Tram Named Desire

Pictures shot on a foggy night in Zurich, Switzerland. Click each picture to zoom in.

Gold face

Found enclosed in four tombs, sealed into 3 golden sarcophagi…

… he was the last of his family.

Son of an incest between his father Amenhotep IV and one of his sister. His half-sister wife, Ankhesenamun, couldn’t escape two consecutive stillbirths.

He died of malaria and genetic diseases.

His mummy rotted and didn’t survive his time. His name was Tutankhamun.

Pictures shot at the homonym exhibition.

Click each picture to zoom in.


Life in plastic

William Tell monument, Altdorf, Uri

Railway station, Sion, Vallis

Sargans Castle, Sargans, Sankt Gallen

Piazza Grande, Locarno

Saint Nicholas Cathedral, FRibourg

Is fantastic. PIctures shot at the Swiss miniature, TIcino, Switzerland


The sky above the Swiss National Park

16 mm, 130 ”, f/4 – A wide angle look in the Milky way – click here for the plate solving (star recognition)

200 mm, 130 ”, f/2.8 – A look into the Cygnus constellation, part of the Veil nebula (see plate solving)

16 mm, 130 ”, f/4 – The North America nebula (purple) in the inner arm of the Milky way, just aside Cygnus, some orange night clouds passing by – click here for the plate solving

200 mm, 130 ”, f/2.8 – The Crescent nebula (purple, upper left) in the Milky way, Cygnus constellation (click here for plate solving)

Plate solving via

Towards the Swiss National Park

Towards the Flüela Pass, Davos left behind

At the Schottensee, Flüela Pass

Entering the Swiss National Park

Val dal Buotsch river entering the Ova dal Fuorn

Into the wild

PIctures show on the was from Davos to Zerzen, door to the Swiss National Park. Click each picture to zoom in.




Into the wild

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately […]

to front only the essential facts of life, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived […]

I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear […]

I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life […]

to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms…

(Walden, Henry David Thoreau)

Mine is longer

The giant Anax imperator

The tall Giraffa reticulata

A scary Struthio camelus

The largest living equid: Equus grevyi

The rare Ciconia nigra

The always up standing Suricata suricatta

Pictures shot in the new Savanna area in Zoo Zurich, Switzerland. Click each picture to zoom in







All what you miss with a light polluted sky

Make the invisible visible: 30 second long exposure of Zurich night sky with the fast wide angle Sigma 14 mm f/1.8

Facing West, do you see Corona Borealis and Arcturus (Bootes)?

The milky way above Zurich city, light pollution high to very high – level (SQM) up to 18.89 mag./arc sec2

Facing North, do you see Ursa major, Ursa minor, Perseus, Giraffe, Cassiopea and much more ?

Jupiter and its 4 moons, do you see all the 4 of them? (shot with a 70-200 mm objective)

Facing West, do you see the Andromeda constellation and its galaxy?

If you did not see the constellations, click here 🙂 Wide angle pictures shot with SIGMA 14 mm f / 1.8, 30 seconds, ISO 1250. Jupiter shot with 200 mm f / 2.8, 0.4 second, ISO 400. Click each picture to zoom in.

The savanna next door

The entry gate to the new Lewa- Savanna region at Zoo Zürich

Giraffes and impalas

A top deck safari bus at the east end

(fake) gigantic baobab trees

Sustainable tourism

Stripes and squares. Pictures shot in the new Savanna area in Zoo Zurich, Switzerland. Click each picture to zoom in






Reflecto ergo sum

Reflecting surfaces in Zurich. Click each picture to zoom in.

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