Ignorance is a bliss, but in this case I should have been blind, too. This picture panel (click to enlarge) shows you that my brand new Nikon D800 (sn 60xxxxxx) has the so called left focus point problem. Just google for D800 asymmetric focus issue and you will find hundreds of sad D800 owners.

From the test you can see the asymmetric nature of the issue: correcting with the AF fine tuning cannot solve the problem, as when the left AF looks slightly better (tuning AF = -12), the center point gets into troubles. With plus or more negative values (down to -20 !) it gets strongly blurred.

I contacted via mail the Swiss Nikon Service in Egg (close to Zurich), I will keep you updated. At least after this photo test I had something to drink to forget ;(

The test was run with:
– Nikon D800 (surprise!)
– 50 mm f/1.4G Nikkor full open
– 500 W halogen lamp
– 3 objects at a distance of 2.5m corresponding to left, center, right AF points
– pictures were shot in M-up and camera was on tripod to avoid vibrations
– live views were shot as lens tests
– before each shot, focus was changed manually to let the AF find the subject
– these pictures are representative of 5 replicates
– the panel is assembled with 100% cropped pictures