Watch the movie full screen at HI-RES (1080px) (you set it by clicking on the settings icon in the youtube window after play starts) or you will miss several details.

Waiting for the PanSTARRS comet, I trained with the D800 time-lapse option. First part of the post movie was shot 1 frame / min (too fast), second at 1 frame / 10 sec (the speed I prefer), third at 1 frame / 20 secs (still too fast).

The camera mounted the Nikkor 50 mm F/1.4G and was set on:

– f/2

– ISO 640

– Mirror up and tripod to avoid vibrations

– centre balanced metering to have small overexposed areas.

The pictures of each movie part were merged into a .MOV file in camera, so not too many options were left for editing except into Windows Movie Maker or similar. Next time I will try D800 Interval pictures instead, as each frame is separately saved as single file and open for more modifications.

PS Mind switching off every automatism from the camera or you will get the flickering unwanted effect of this post movie… I suspect the AWB being the cause for it.

In the movie below every automatic feature of the D800 was off: much better!