With its 1,115 m, the Bachtel is the second highest peak of Canton Zürich. The impressive snowfalls of the last days made it a perfect location for snowshoeing. Enjoy the panorama!
DSC_47131 DSC_470311

The track starts at 580 m.s.l. in Oberdürten

DSC_47591 DSC_47081

More horses than men

DSC_47731 DSC_47901
A steep stretch before the 800 m.s.l.

DSC_48421 DSC_48451

Almost there to the Bachtel top…

DSC_48721 DSC_48831

An ice-cold sunset on lake Zürich before the way back. Click each picture to enlarge. Pictures shots with D800 + 50 mm f/1.4G