Downtown shopping

Downtown shopping en pendant

Chairman Mao

Chairman Mao

I have been on my own 4 day long in Harbin, without understanding a word and without being understood. Shops signs, bus stops and restaurant menus lost their meaning. The connection to the outer world turned flimsy. Still, several times I have been asked to pose for a souvenir picture with strangers. I had my fun playing the exotic creature with locals. And whenever I gestured for shooting a picture to someone else either in downtown, slums or rural areas, I always received a smile back. How warm was my human experience in Harbin, despite the constant -20 °C. Au-revoir, China!

Here below the full list of the reportage “Detour to China“. Pictures shot by Lorenzo Borghi, reportage edit by Maria Francesca.

  1. China Red
  2. Smoky days
  3. Sometimes … sticky sticks
  4. Life in plastic
  5. United workers of the PRC
  6. Antithesis
  7. Take a walk on the white side
  8. Organized Chaos
  9. Lights on ice
  10. Blocked
  11. You must leave your hat on
  12. Layers