Life and death (Élet és halál) in Budapest. Up from the hill of Buda castle, across the Danube and down to Pest side, Budapest is a very lively city.

Aside Buda Castle, the peculiar Halászbástya (Fisherman’s bastion) offers wide views on the city. The location name comes from the tradition of the guild of fishermen, which defended the city walls. Its seven towers represent the seven Magyar tribes that founded modern Hungary.

Life is filmed at Heroes’ Square, where statues feature the Seven chieftains of the Magyars tribes. The monumental square celebrates the thousandth anniversary of the foundation of the Hungarian state in 896.

Not only life is celebrated in Budapest. On the Pest side, close to the parliament, dozens of bronze shoes are placed at the shores of Danube. This is a memorial to the mass murders operated by members of the Hungarian national socialist party Arrow Cross between 1944-1945. Victims were brought here, shot and bodies left falling into the Danube.

German Boats with loud commercial music are not infrequent on the Danube. These cruises easily last day and night.

Just stroll the streets of Budapest and discover its past and present history of life and death

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