Messier catalogued most of the deep space objects we can still watch nowadays in dark night skies like in Crete. Pictures shot with D800, Skyguider Pro tracking system and William Optics  61/360  ZS61 II. Exposure times 150 seconds, ISO 3200.

North America on the left and Pelican nebula (NGC 7000) on the right

Lagoon nebula (M8) in Sagittarius

Western Veil and Eastern veil of Cygnus (NGC 6960)

The galaxy of Andromeda (M31) with M32 and M110 satellite galaxies

Eagle nebula (M16) on the top and Omega Nebula (M17) on the bottom

Trifid nebula (M20) on the top and Lagoon nebula on the bottom (M8)


This is the new episode of the reportage Crete:Kingdom of Candia. Click each picture to open it full size. Previous episode(s):

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