In the last months I had the lucky chance to visit one after the other Rome, Jerusalem and Istanbul. All of them filled with history and cultural traditions. For variety of people, colours and architecture, I have no doubts crowning Istanbul as top location for photography.


I was in Istanbul only for 4 days. In such short time I had so much fun in picturing this wonderful city day and night! 1 Bosporus by night – arrival to Istanbul 2 Turkish finger food in Istanbul harbour 3 The amazing word of Hagia Sophia 4 Humans of Istanbul 5 Fishing at Galata bridge 6 The seafront of Istanbul 7 Turkish boats 8 Birds of prey in Istanbul 9 The Imperial Harem of the Topkapi 10 Istanbul sight from the Galata tower 11 Mosques of Istanbul 12 The Topkapi Park

Enjoy Artborghi last (maybe not!) shots from Istanbul, another sunset, this time leaving this marvellous city from the same place our trip started.


Seagulls will be the main reason for buying an extra SD card before going to Istanbul.


As well as the long, colorful sunsets on the Suleiman Mosque while leaving the harbour


Take the ferry just before the sunset: you will gain hours of wonderful shooting!


Watch out: Bosporus fires (sunset reflections on windows) are turning on!


So that when you reach the Bosporus bridge …


…you can shoot the last lights on “The City”. Istanbul, see you again!