Guadeloupe is music. Drums (ka) made of wood, plastic barrels, scrap parts; and lambi shells blown in the wind. Played in parks, at funerals, on graves and rooftops. The father of Gwo-ka (ka music) is Marcel Lollia, aka Vèlo from Pointe-à-Pitre: his statue is in the city center. Guadeloupe is also Indian music from the Nadron cerimonies and Cuban music, often played in Gwada dance clubs.

Monument to Marcel Lollia (Vélo), master of ka (drums) playing, Pointe-à-Pitre

Indian cultural week, Sainte-Anne

Ka players at a funeral, playing on the graves of the cemetery of Sainte-Anne

When a picture is not enough, play the movie and feel ka played on the rooftops of Saint-Anne cemetery graves

Ka players and dancer, Sainte-Anne

Drummers, Indian week festival in Saint-Anne

Dancing club in Sainte-Rose

When a picture is not enough, play the movie and feel Cuba in Guadeloupe

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